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Brightpay Payroll Software

Course Aim:

Brightpay payroll software is one of the upcoming payroll software applications used in Irish businesses today for processing payroll and wages and producing various financial reports.

Brightpay works the way you want.  It’s flexible, letting you do what you need to do to run your payroll, no matter what type of employer you are or what your situation is.  There are no unnecessary limitations or pointless restrictions on what you can do.  It has proven to be a breath of fresh air for many customers who have switched from Sage, Thesaurus and Other Payroll products.

The aim of this training course is to provide clients with the necessary skills and knowledge which will enable trainees to manage their own payroll and allow each client process various reports at month end including P30’s P45’s & produce payslips etc.

This course is ideally suited to any small to medium sized business in retail, service and the manufacturing industry. A basic knowledge of book keeping is required.

Client Profile:

It is important that each client have basic computer experience and a working knowledge of the keyboard, mouse and be able to switch on and off a PC.

Ideally each client would have access to a computer system where Brightpay Payroll software is available to maximise learning post training.

Brightpay Payroll Course Outline:


  • Introduction
  • Irish Tax System
  • Irish PAYE system
  • Employer
  • Employee
  • PAYE
  • PRSI
  • Overtime
  • Calculation of hours
  • Pay slips
  • Reports
  • Calculation of payroll
  • Month End
  • Year End
  • Employment Law
  • Contract
  • Company Policy
  • ROS System
  • PRSA & Pensions


Course Location:

Killarney, Kerry | Macroom | Cork City | Online

Course Available as Daytime Training | Night Classes | One-to-One | Online

Course Duration:

Option 1: 1 Full Day
Option 2: 6 Evenings 7:30 – 9:30


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There is no course currently scheduled.