ICDL/ECDL (International Computer Driving Licence)

The European Computer Driving Licence is a certificate of digital literacy recognized throughout the EU.

ICDL Digital Citizen

The Digital Citizen programme outlines the basic skills needed to use a computer and the Internet. This specially designed module teaches candidates how to complete everyday tasks in a confident way. The programme has been created for all learners, regardless of status, education, age or ability.

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ICDL/ECDL - International Computer Driving Licence

The ICDL standard covers basic computer skills and the use of common applications in the workplace, the home and in society in general. It is divided into seven modules, 4 base modules and any 3 modules from the standard category.

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Advanced ECDL ver 6

This advanced course is aimed at clients who have already achieved ECDL certification and wish to advance their skills to a higher level. This will involve more extensive use of the functions of each application and performing more complex tasks. This advanced course has 4 modules, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Database and Presentations. Each module has an on-line certified exam. On successful completion of each module ECDL Advanced Certification is awarded. Unlike the ECDL Core programme there is no requirement to complete all 7 modules to earn a ECDL cert.

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ICDL Insights

ICDL Insights contains a range of modules which can be combined with other ICDL modules to create a unique ICDL Profile

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ICDL Remote Work

Being able to work effectively outside of the office is beneficial for both employee and organisation, and at times a necessity for business continuity. However, without the necessary skills, working remotely can be an ineffective and frustrating experience.

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