Course Aim:

The aim of this training course is to provide clients with the necessary skills required to summarise, analyse, explore and present your data depending on how you need to display your results. You can also create Pivot Charts based on Pivot Tables that will automatically update when your Pivot Tables do.

Client Profile:

Any persons seeking to develop skills required to create their own pivot tables which can be used to store the summary of a certain data set in a condensed manner. The table consists of rows, columns, data fields and pages. These components can be moved around and it helps the user to expand, isolate, sum and group the particular data in real time. This table enables the user to view the differences in a very big set of information. It is very helpful in organising a large amount of data in Microsoft Excel.

Course Outline:

  • Creating and Using Pivot Tables
  • Filtering and Sorting data within a Pivot Table
  • Automatically grouping data in a Pivot Table
  • Manually grouping data in a Pivot Table
  • Adding a calculated Field
  • Inserting a Slicer
  • Inserting Pivot Charts

Course Location:

Killarney, Kerry | Macroom | Cork City | Online

Course Available as Daytime Training | Night Classes | One-to-One | Online

Course Duration:


Please contact Island Computers & Training for more details.